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Reaching a leading and internationally competitive school in the field of nursing sciences education, scientific research, and community service.
Improving the quality of healthcare through graduating nurses with professional competencies who are able to provide nursing care, conduct scientific research, and provide community service with high professionalism, through proper planning of the educational environment, encouraging leadership and creativity, and developing the potential capabilities of students.
1. Graduating highly qualified nurses to provide nursing care that meets local and international professional standards. 2. Developing study plans continuously, adopting modern teaching and learning methods to keep up to update with professional and technological advancement, and launching specialized nursing programs aligned with the requirements of the labor market. 3. Promoting the culture of applied and creative scientific research in line with national and international health priorities. 4. Rehabilitating and developing human cadres in the school through continuous education activities and improving communication and direction mechanisms for academic and administrative staff. 5. Upgrading student services and improving the educational environment in the school through communication with students and continuously evaluating services. 6. Disseminating nursing knowledge through holding local and international conferences, workshops, seminars and training programs. 7. Enhancing cooperation and partnership with local community institutions, regional and international institutions concerned with the field of health, contributing to sustainable development.