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o   At the Faculty of Nursing, at least (2) scientific research is published in international journals during the same academic year, and the participation of faculty members in the editorial boards of specialized international magazines.

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o    The school of nursing has created a database of scientific research, including summaries of research nurses that have been conducted by the nursing sector inside and outside Jordan.

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o    The school has a specialized committee called Scientific Research Committee (SRC). A research environment is essential to facilitate research productivity of faculty members and students so that they can contribute essential knowledge to improve the overall quality of health care and advance the discipline of Nursing. Scientific research in nursing considers the basic component of the composition of nursing knowledge and the development of nursing science. Hence, the SRC created a good culture of research in the school to stimulate research productivity among faculty members and students and facilitate the development and conduction of research projects among faculty and students that build the scientific foundation to improve clinical nursing practice. Moreover, the committee is working on research priorities in the kingdom and the areas of research in the school. Finally, it encourages multidisciplinary research activities between the school of nursing and other University of Jordan colleges, research institutions, organizations, hospitals, and universities.


o    See also: Jordanin Datbase of Nursing Research


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