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For nursing students, a second year only.

To complete the registration procedures and financial matters, which require recording a minimum of 12 in each semester, and because some subjects (2 adults, theoretical, practical, and educational) are not registered until the signs of this chapter appear, a fake substance under the name of "accounting for 9 hours for nursing students" was introduced for this purpose. Therefore, all applicants are requested for a second year of nursing to register this course in order to replace it with the three previous courses in the add-on and withdrawal period, and to save your seats in this semester within the university instructions.

Thank you very much
Dr.. Mahmoud Al-Kalaldeh
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Dear students ......

Please hand over the following documents to the College Secretary, Mrs. Salam Al-Khalili, as soon as possible for the purpose of issuing security permits for training in the Military Hospital

A copy of the identity card.

- Photograph.

Some students need to visit the Military Security Division in the Medical Services Directorate personally. They will be notified in person on Messenger.
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The College of Nursing at the University of Jordan, Aqaba Branch, announces the start of receiving applications for the bridging program in nursing for the first semester of the academic year 2022/2021​

For more information, please contact us

Deanship of College of Nursing Aqaba

Tel: 0096232090450

Ext: 36015

Head of Nursing Department Aqaba

Tel: 0096232090450


Ext: 0096232090460


8/31/2021Nursing 10/30/2021
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