Nursing Nursing 1

The Nursing Department was established in 2019. The student begins, in his first year, to study basic scientific subjects that will enable him to progress to the required levels of subjects. During the first-year students are provided with the latest knowledge and practices in the field of nursing. The program aims, during the first and second years, to use the knowledge gained from the fundamentals of nursing and apply it during their care for acute patients, and the care of critically ill patients. Then the student moves to the level of the third and fourth year, where the nursing program focuses on preparing nursing students in a way that enables them to adapt and take care of the health needs of individuals and society by offering materials about basic concepts in the community health nursing and mental health nursing. In addition, the program provides an excellent learning environment that allows for active participation in society. The program also offers materials for students to gain basic knowledge and skills to provide care for women and children. Here, students are trained to deal with women, especially during pregnancy and childbirth, as training begins in laboratories, and then they are trained in health centers and units for neonatal care and in pediatric intensive care units. The nursing program also aims at creating new knowledge through specialized studies and disseminating this knowledge through the use of concepts of critical thinking, therapeutic communication, management and counseling, and advanced skills in the exercise of professional responsibilities. The Nursing Department is keen to establish good relations with other educational institutions, health institutions, and nursing associations in Jordan and abroad, as the role of faculty members in it goes beyond their active teaching on campus through formal and informal education, conducting research and public seminars, to carrying out activities at both community levels. Local and international institutions, by establishing relationships and cooperation programs with national and international institutions. The department members participate in various research projects that mainly focus on aspects of health care at all levels. Also, the department members actively participate in conferences, workshops, and seminars at home and abroad.